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Token Creation and Issuance Service

Token Creation and Issuance

Designing and creating tokens on a blockchain network, including defining token attributes such as supply, divisibility, and any unique features. Token issuance involves deploying smart contracts to ensure the token’s functionality

Token Standard Selection

Advising on and implementing token standards such as ERC-20, ERC-721, or other standards based on the specific requirements of the tokenized asset. The choice of token standard depends on factors like fungibility and unique asset characteristics

Token Standard Selection
Smart Contract Audits

Conducting thorough audits of smart contracts to ensure their security, functionality, and compliance with industry standards. Smart contract audits are crucial for building trust among users and investors

Token Wallet Integration

Integrating token support into wallets to allow users to securely store, manage, and transfer their tokenized assets. This ensures a seamless user experience for interacting with tokenized assets

Secondary Market Development

Creating platforms or exchanges that facilitate the trading of tokenized assets in secondary markets. This service involves order matching, trade execution, and providing a user-friendly interface for traders

Tokenization Platform Development

Developing comprehensive platforms that facilitate the tokenization of various assets. These platforms often include user interfaces, administrative dashboards, and API access for integration with third-party services

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